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1940s radio

1940s Radio

The crackling sounds of 1940s radio weren’t just entertainment for Britons huddled around their wireless sets during the tumultuous 1940s. The BBC Home Service became a lifeline… Laughter, Light Entertainment and Keeping Britain Informed The BBC Home Service offered a rich variety of programs designed to entertain and inform a nation facing unprecedented challenges. Comedy […]

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Laci Fay - The Vintage Girl Next Door

1940s Makeup – Beetroot Juice for Blusher!

In the 1930’s and 40’s makeup goes from being seen as tawdry, perhaps something only worn by women of ‘dubious’ nature, to an acceptable, even expected part of every woman’s daily beauty routine. The 1940’s begins with a fashion for the ‘natural’ look. Despite this, beauty routines were lengthy compared to today’s standards. As the

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Wallaston's Mum's Army

The Unsung Heroines of WWII: The Women’s Home Guard

Britain’s Unsung Heroes: The Women of the Home Guard The Second World War saw a surge of patriotism in Britain, with citizens eager to defend their homeland. While the Home Guard, a civilian militia formed in 1940, was initially intended for men only, a lesser-known story unfolds – the remarkable contributions of women who defied

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