Life in the forties

1940s radio 1940s LIfe

Free Time in the Forties

In a recent post, A Trip To The Pictures, we looked at the popularity of picture houses in the 1940’s. But what ...
Anenurin Bevan at NHS hospital in 1948 1940s LIfe

The Birth of the NHS (1948)

The NHS: A Look Back at Britain’s Historic Healthcare System (1948-Present) On July 5th, 1948, the National Health Service (NHS) opened its ...
1940s radio 1940s LIfe

1940s Radio

The crackling sounds of 1940s radio weren’t just entertainment for Britons huddled around their wireless sets during the tumultuous 1940s. The BBC ...
Louis Reard with Bikini Models 1940s LIfe

The 1940s: A Decade of Groundbreaking Inventions

10 Key Inventions of the 1940s The 1940s were a decade defined not just by the immense challenges of World War II, ...
1940s LIfe

Toys of the 1940s

In the late 1930s, the shadow of war loomed large, and this shift was reflected in 1940s toys. Military themes dominated boys’ ...
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