The MG T-Type – A Spirited Sports Car Steeped in History


A Sports Car Legend is Born

Made famous by WWII hero Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, the MG T-Type was a series of open-two-seater sports cars that stole hearts from 1936 to 1955. These compact speedsters came in five distinct models: TA, TB, TC, TD, and TF Midget.

The Early Years (1936-1939)

The TA and TB models were launched before the war. The 1936 MG TA Midget marked a significant leap forward, offering improved stability and comfort compared to its predecessor. The 1939 MG TB Midget continued this evolution with a more modern design and higher engine tuning for a sportier experience.

The MG TB Midget: Building on Success

Building on the TA’s success, the MG TB Midget arrived in 1939. A smaller engine with higher tuning gave the TB a zippier feel. Wind-up windows improved weather protection, while individual bucket seats and carpeting enhanced comfort. Interestingly, complete TB chassis were shipped from Abingdon to Newport Pagnell for coachwork, showcasing the collaborative nature of production.

The MG T-Type in the 1940s: Wartime Production

The outbreak of World War II significantly impacted the MG T-Type’s history. While civilian production ceased, the car’s robust design made it suitable for military applications. MG temporarily shifted focus, using its engineering expertise to support the war effort.

The Birth of a Post-War Icon (1945)

Following the war’s conclusion in 1945, MG resumed production of the T-Type with the introduction of the TC model. This car essentially revived the TB design with a few modifications, making it an instant hit among returning soldiers and car enthusiasts yearning for a return to normalcy. The TC’s success solidified the MG T-Type’s reputation as an exhilarating and iconic sports car, paving the way for future models in the series.

A Cultural Icon: The MG T-Type and Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader

The MG T-Type’s legacy goes beyond engineering. Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, a celebrated Battle of Britain pilot, owned an MG T-Type, linking the car to heroism and resilience. The high price his car fetched at auction in 2015 shows the enduring collectability of these vehicles.

Owning a Piece of History: The MG T-Type Today

Today, the MG T-Type remains a sought-after classic. It offers an exhilarating driving experience and a connection to motoring history.

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